When is school back in?
December 30, 2008, 11:11 am
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Christmas has been left in the past but it’s wrath is still upon me. There are toys everywhere I look and dishes that magically appear on counter tops. Yesterday I thought I would damn near lose my mind.

The fighting is insane. They fight over who gets to stir the OJ and who breathed the wrong way. Hubby took a nice long nap yesterday afternoon and once he woke I high tailed it outta there. We needed mayo and ketchup in the most desperate way, not really, but that was my excuse. And I kid you not I drove the absolute minimum speed limit home. I wasn’t ready for all the commotion.

Inserted in between the fist fights and mouth battles I did however get to enjoy some quality time with the little monsters. So it isn’t all bad. We played with a train set, colored some pictures and made ice cream out of Play Doh. Pretend ice cream.

So today my wish for me is no more naps for the other parental unit in this abode and no more fighting. None. None at all.

How are the final days of the old year treating you?


The Post That Didn’t Have a Title Till Now
December 18, 2008, 3:45 pm
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I know I did it again. I stepped out for a minute and come back and nothing is the same, yet it is. Didn’t ‘word’ just redo their formats and crap just last year? I was just getting to know you and now I don’t even know how to write a post.


My brain has been trained into some kind of short circuited loop. I start to write an email, a post, hell just three words in the search bar and I am redirected to the beckoning of a four year old. I get back on track , I’m almost there, and he is telling me he wants the latest thing on T.V., he needs a drink, he’s hungry, he wants to make cookies. And when he runs out of the regular things to say it turns into an endless bantering of “Watch me stand on my head for the one gazillionth time this week!” Or, “Do you remember that time we ate in that place where that guy had that thing?” He makes my head hurt sometimes. I’m going to miss him so much next year but I sure do pity his teacher.

Do you ever have more to do than you have time to do it? And it’s all very important but you know that unless you stay up all night long for the next week and chug gallons of hi test coffee there just won’t be enough time to get it done? How you look at the clock and think first that you have all afternoon and then second that it’s just not enough? It makes me want to sit down and read a book. Kind of a “If I can’t get it done then why do it at all’ attitude.

Add the two together and it takes an eternity to do anything. I started the dishes around noon and I just finished the last pan. It wasn’t anything too incredibly huge, just your average dirty mess from breakfast and endless snacks and a couple pans from the night before. This is where the ADD kicks in. One minute I’m shoveling toys off the floor and dragging mountains of laundry to the basement and then suddenly I straighten my back and stretch out my neck and realize I was supposed to be doing the dishes. So I stroll to the kitchen and dive back in only to realize that the water no longer has bubble and it’s cool enough to drink. So I had to draw more water and before I know it I’m upstairs for the fourth time helping Mr. Spill Something on my Pants Again find a clean pair. And that leads to sitting here rattling on letting you know that I am alive in a very round about way.

I have to go to the store now.

November 28, 2008, 10:40 am
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My littlest says today out of the blue….

“The sounds in my head stop when I sleep.”

He’s also the one that tells me about ‘when he was big’.

I think I know who he takes after….

Work in Progress
November 24, 2008, 12:13 am
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So far so good.

This has been such fun. A couple highlights shall we?

The very first day of work was to paint up a handful of signs. I love to paint, I love the way it fits in my hand. Big or little I feel such power in a paintbrush.  Like how it would feel to paint the colors of the flowers and the sky. It could be anything. But I was stuck with red, green and black. I never did get back to paint the wreaths on them. You see my business partner was feeling ill that day. She ended up depositing her lunch in the flower bed and going inside to fall asleep in her coat and boots. It’s already funny.

So I finished the signs myself and rushed home to deal with my other life, I got one side painted and they are great! Then the next day I sat. I waited and waited for that Fed Ex guy. He came at eight thirty at night. We were just so bummed, an entire day shot to hell. Then the big day, we set up our table turned on our lights and proceeded to whip out a total of 7 wreaths in four hours. I stood at the door and scratched my head, surely I’m going to have to pick up the pace a bit here. That’s like, well that’s just nuts. So I went home fed the troops, did the dishes, threw in some laundry and got everyone bathed. But I couldn’t stop thinking about that tiny pile of wreaths in that cold dark barn. I had to go make more. So I piled on layer after layer and off I went, I think I got seven more done. It was crushing to think we had two days to do 150 rings, there was just no way with one machine. So Friday we set to work and finally I had gotten faster, she had mapped out what was needed to be cut and we formed the best wreath making team in the world. Really we did. But it still wasn’t fast enough. I again went home, fed the troops, and right back out the door. This time with TWO extra pairs of hands. Now we had someone to cut trees, feed kids, strip trees and bring us beer. At the end of the night I picked up my can and I got a mouth full of slushy beer. Just the way I like it but it meant I was withstanding the 24 degree cold too. (I shivered just thinking about it.) Then back home, after a  careful drive in slick icy conditions, in bed by midnight only to rise at seven and get back on the road. But this time we had THREE extra pairs of hands. It was such a relief.  My oldest found us a radio and cranked up a station of just Christmas tunes. We laughed. We worked. We bitched about our feet aching. Our tree cutter left for a little while to help fix someones leak and while he was gone we ran out of trees. Oh the horror! My oldest grabbed the funny looking saw, I forget what you call that thing, and went to the center of the patch for the biggest one he could find. He drug that puppy up to the barn and we were back in business. But while we waited for that to be trimmed he walked up to the house and brought me a hot dog, I had requested ketchup but he had forgot it. I said, “You’re never gonna believe this,” and I whipped out a packet of ketchup that was stashed in my coat. We roared over that one. We told other jokes and we planned out intricate practical jokes. I danced on purpose and I danced just trying to get to an itch, and everyone laughed both times. The very last wreath we made was a 36 inch frame and it took an entire tree! Amazing.

This is life. This is what I needed. I’m liking it.

Have You Seen October? I Seem to Have Misplaced it!
November 17, 2008, 12:46 am
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I have proof of just how out of the loop I’ve been. I just realized with a live *gasp* that I haven’t looked at, thought of or missed Natalie Dee comics since mid September. For a very long time I would peek at her site after I checked my mail every single day. But I haven’t looked in on her since September?


Since Friday I have sewn four little red boots/ice skates, finished a baby project and constructed an apron for Christmas. All that and taught daughter to do embroidery. She finished her very first project in just three days. It was small and I am proud of her, that she finished it is amazing in itself! I put it in a hold over frame for now but I plan to have it framed up a little nicer so she can keep it forever.

Tomorrow we start some grunge work for the wreath bizness. The main loot will be here Tuesday, I’m nervous. I have taken on alot and am afraid I won’t have the energy to keep up with everything. Well, I can keep up I just fear exhaustion! Just when I start to get comfy and optimistic hubby starts with the negative ‘if I still have a job by then’ kind of comments. I’m so sick of worrying about crap like that. I learned somewhere recently that worrying is actually a sin. Yee-Haw!! That is good to hear. Permission to just not give a shit anymore.

That’s all for now, I will be trying to post some pics of the stuff I made. Just to show it off and all. I hope to sell it along side the greens. Now go to Post Secret for today, there are always some good ones. In fact I am going to add that to my to do list, I thought of a secret that’s just perfect. I’ll have to get that in the mail……

I’m a Dreamer
October 1, 2008, 6:13 pm
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I have been dreaming crazy stuff lately. Like last night I had a dream that my mother was to bring home my kids and only brought the youngest half. I was really upset like they were gone forever but she claimed that they were at the hospital and I freaked out before she could finish. Come to find out that they were waiting for their half-brother/sister to be born. Let me interject here and tell you that both my X and his wife are fixed, you know so they can’t spread anymore of their devil spawn. Thank goodness my half of his kids were mixed with my angelic eggs. *L* It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t go there.

Anyway. But a couple of nights ago I was dreaming about this cabin like place and I had a baby instead of my usual tribe and there were candles lit everywhere. Little votive ones. I walked out into a kind of hallway and there was a door to a porch or something and when I got out there I was suddenly on the other side of the door. Don’t you just love how you can teleport in dreams? I looked at the door and there was a wreath on it, down low under the window and guess what was nestled in opening of it. A votive. That is the dumbest place ever to put fire. And over top of a box of tissues to boot, that had caught fire from the melting wax dripping over the edge of the wreath. So I stamped it out gently with my shoe and stood there staring at it in disbelief until I was off to my next fantasy about who knows what.

I was so intrigued by this dream that I looked a few things up on the web and while I can’t remember what else went on in my wonderland as of now the putting out of the fire part is what keeps poking into my daily thoughts. Putting out a fire signifies that you will overcome life’s obstacles through much work and effort. It’s almost like a prediction. It gave me the hope I didn’t know I needed to keep going. Life has been rough the last couple of years. It has been turned upside down and my future has danced on the edge of a tall cliff for too long. Can a dream really tell me that just maybe this obstacle will be overcome soon? Maybe I will get my safety net back so I can recover from it all? I can only hope and keep going.

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Snot in the Oven
September 22, 2008, 3:49 pm
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The kids woke us yesterday at schoolday time. That means they didn’t sleep in. They crept into my room to tickle my exposed toes and announce in giggly voices that it was time to feed them. I pulled the covers over my head and explained that I was an ostrich and they couldn’t see me. I pleaded for them to go back downstairs and come back in a couple of hours but they kept right on insisting that they were starving to death and my assistance was needed promptly. I pulled on the proper attire and made my way to the kitchen desperately trying to grasp reality. I felt so awful. I hadn’t been drinking, I wasn’t up really late, I hadn’t even indulged in fatty late nite yummies of any sort. Why then did I feel like I belonged in my nice warm bed away from the world.

It took me till lunchtime to realize that I was sick. It was when I was buttering bread and slapping cheese inside the slices that I realized by the end of the day I most likely would feel a whole lot worse. And boy was I right. By the time I pulled the pork roast from the oven my nose was a spout turned on full force and I ended up dripping snot on the oven door. At least I missed the roast.

I hate getting sick. I don’t know anyone that likes it but it’s just not fair. You can’t call off work when you are a mom. You don’t have sick days. I have to sit and watch the house fall apart while I struggle to keep the simplest of tasks on target. Homework done, bodies washed, teeth clean, tummies full.  Even the pets suffer a little when I’m sick, their meals are late their cages aren’t as sparkly. And what takes a day or two to wreck takes a week to repair.

It’s like having a family when your eighty.

Of all the times to get sick my body decided that it should do it when hubby would be away. For four days. Just about the right amount of time for me to be my sickest. I had plans. I had crafting and gutting to do. Projects lined up and adventures to be taken. I have brownies to make and peach cobbler to bake. And now it’s a chore to just get the little ones to school and keep the littlest entertained.

I actually thought about adding a little vodka to my OJ this morning with hopes that it would numb the disappointment. But I feared what would happen when it met Mr. Vicodin that I had just downed. So my script for the day is plenty of Oj and a heaping dose of internet. After all tomorrow is a new day.