January 28, 2009, 10:48 am
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Ice here and ice there,
ice ice everywhere.
Melt away and don’t come back
cut a girl a little slack.

It sucks out there, and I have to go out in it. If you never hear from me again I’ve slid off the edge of a cliff and died a fiery death. Why not go out with a bang?


Fun Times
January 25, 2009, 12:53 pm
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Plinky is a new form of time wasting I discovered through Mighty Girl. It asks a question and you answer it. Pretty simple, it’s brand spankin’ new and I like how you can meet new people through it. I have a feeling I will be adding it to my list of favorite ways to blow time along with Stumble Upon.  I can kill so much time clicking the little green icon whole days could pass and I wouldn’t even know it.  One  thing that many rave over is Twitter and I signed up and looked around and haven’t been back. It is way too time consuming for me and fact is I don’t know anyone who cares what I am doing this very minute.  I lead a somewhat dull life in the winter time, so it wouldn’t be very exciting.


On Friday I didn’t have anything pressing to do and I was itching for quite some time to get out and smell the roses so we loaded up with hats and mittens and fishing gear and set off for the local hole. If you recall I mentioned that I received a bright and shiny purple rod for Christmas. This was it’s maiden voyage to the waters and I was praying that it would get some action. And it did. Typically I tend to use the shorter rods because that is what I am more comfortable with but this one it is  something like ten feet long and I felt a little intimidated by it’s size. OK it’s actually more like six foot. Long story short I caught a sucker and two trout. The sucker was an accident, well they all were really. The trout were caught in fast water so it was a hit and miss sort of thing and I only actually landed one trout the other got itself twisted up in debris and broke off. But I got some action, that’s a big deal. And I learned alot because hubby for the first time ever made it all about me. He watched me and coached me and hardly even touched his rod. That’s huge, he love’s to fish and I can’t imagine being there and not fishing.  I love the new rod, I love it with all it’s purplish length. We are a perfect fit.

Work in Progress
November 24, 2008, 12:13 am
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So far so good.

This has been such fun. A couple highlights shall we?

The very first day of work was to paint up a handful of signs. I love to paint, I love the way it fits in my hand. Big or little I feel such power in a paintbrush.  Like how it would feel to paint the colors of the flowers and the sky. It could be anything. But I was stuck with red, green and black. I never did get back to paint the wreaths on them. You see my business partner was feeling ill that day. She ended up depositing her lunch in the flower bed and going inside to fall asleep in her coat and boots. It’s already funny.

So I finished the signs myself and rushed home to deal with my other life, I got one side painted and they are great! Then the next day I sat. I waited and waited for that Fed Ex guy. He came at eight thirty at night. We were just so bummed, an entire day shot to hell. Then the big day, we set up our table turned on our lights and proceeded to whip out a total of 7 wreaths in four hours. I stood at the door and scratched my head, surely I’m going to have to pick up the pace a bit here. That’s like, well that’s just nuts. So I went home fed the troops, did the dishes, threw in some laundry and got everyone bathed. But I couldn’t stop thinking about that tiny pile of wreaths in that cold dark barn. I had to go make more. So I piled on layer after layer and off I went, I think I got seven more done. It was crushing to think we had two days to do 150 rings, there was just no way with one machine. So Friday we set to work and finally I had gotten faster, she had mapped out what was needed to be cut and we formed the best wreath making team in the world. Really we did. But it still wasn’t fast enough. I again went home, fed the troops, and right back out the door. This time with TWO extra pairs of hands. Now we had someone to cut trees, feed kids, strip trees and bring us beer. At the end of the night I picked up my can and I got a mouth full of slushy beer. Just the way I like it but it meant I was withstanding the 24 degree cold too. (I shivered just thinking about it.) Then back home, after a  careful drive in slick icy conditions, in bed by midnight only to rise at seven and get back on the road. But this time we had THREE extra pairs of hands. It was such a relief.  My oldest found us a radio and cranked up a station of just Christmas tunes. We laughed. We worked. We bitched about our feet aching. Our tree cutter left for a little while to help fix someones leak and while he was gone we ran out of trees. Oh the horror! My oldest grabbed the funny looking saw, I forget what you call that thing, and went to the center of the patch for the biggest one he could find. He drug that puppy up to the barn and we were back in business. But while we waited for that to be trimmed he walked up to the house and brought me a hot dog, I had requested ketchup but he had forgot it. I said, “You’re never gonna believe this,” and I whipped out a packet of ketchup that was stashed in my coat. We roared over that one. We told other jokes and we planned out intricate practical jokes. I danced on purpose and I danced just trying to get to an itch, and everyone laughed both times. The very last wreath we made was a 36 inch frame and it took an entire tree! Amazing.

This is life. This is what I needed. I’m liking it.

Birth of Mother Nature
September 24, 2008, 8:15 pm
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Remember when I posted about my upset over the Milkweed plants and how I was so excited to photograph the bugs that survived the slaughter?

Well here is a before of one of the two caterpillars that I let the kids take inside to observe.

The second one was prematurely released due to a misunderstanding here in the household. It seems a certain someone released it so that it could ‘do it’s thing’ or whatever. But lucky for us this little guy was so tiny that he wasn’t seen and he was allowed to finish out his mutation inside our little replica butterfly world. We made sure it had fresh leaves and removed all the old ones daily. We even dumped his excess waste (Have you ever seen the size of a caterpillar turd? Yikes! They are worse than mice!) every couple days. And then one evening we noticed he had climbed up to the top and kind of hung himself in a J shape. And he stayed that way till morning. The kid’s were getting kind of worried about him and I promised I would keep an eye on him till they returned and about two hours after they left I did just that and found that he had turned into his beautiful little chrysalis. And I missed it.

Then we waited. Ten days to be exact. It was like when your due to have a baby and he goes past his expected birth date and you become obsessed that something is terribly wrong and then Walla! he hatches. Or is born, same thing.

And it was beautiful. The kids were home to see it dry it’s wings. And as I was setting it free from it’s impostor world it caught on my finger tip and wouldn’t let go. Normally I wouldn’t touch a butterfly for any reason because I have a fear that I could touch an elephant and break it. But this was an exception, it picked me, it hung to me and showed me his colors. I was most definitely impressed.

Feel free to click the images, they should get bigger!

*I may also add that this one in particular was actually a she, maybe Doug will came along and confirm that.

I Keep Looking Up
September 24, 2008, 2:03 am
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Do you ever look at the sky at night and pick out a favorite constellation, planet or star?

Tonight as I stood out front I picked out Orion’s belt. Forever I have looked for his belt, since I first learned what those three beautiful stars were. The way they line up so perfectly all in a row in the scattered midnight sky. I noticed tonight how they hung so low most likely predicting the coming cold. They are always there for me, to pick out and  gaze upon. How I wish I could load up in a rocket and land on their shining mass. Like a vacation almost. I imagine landing, being the only soul there, having it all for me.

I don’t even care for the others. The seven sisters do not behold me the way his belt does. The dippers can not contain me in their emptiness. I have no longing to see Venus or ride the rings of Saturn. It’s just Orion. His belt beckoning me to be the buckle. When I talk of the stars with my son’s and we discuss the way that stars fade and burn out I always fear for that belt, wondering if some day it won’t be there for me in the quiet night waiting for me to drink in it’s gorgeousness. I think of how long it has been a part of the sky and how many millions of humans have looked at it and not even understood the endless history of those three perfectly aligned stars.

To have just that one stable part of life is all one needs to keep moving on. To know that there can be a constant in a world of change. That you can keep the beauty of something and yet still expand. Constantly yearning to create a perfectness to go with it.  Always changing. Life is always changing.  Sometimes I need rocks. Without them I am lost.

Bugs Bugs Bugs
September 4, 2008, 11:19 pm
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My neighbor moved away last spring and a new one moved in. About May the milkweed started to come up on the side of his deck and even through the slates. I was so excited to see it come back this year, it had doubled at the very least! Then one day I walked out back and it was all ripped down and laying on the ground. I honestly could have cried. What about my butterflies?

I ran into my neighbor about a month later and I said, “Hey, what happened to the milkweed?” And he said it was ugly and was in awe because had come through cracks as well. “It was so ugly!” Then as an afterthought he asked me why I was asking him. It is his deck and grass after all. Well I explained, the lady that lived there before purposely planted it so that she could get specimens to take into her kindergarten class. It never came up so plentiful before this year and, uh, well, you ripped it down.  And I tried to laugh it off and say that there would be plenty of other places to look for the fat worms and I brushed it off.

But I was truly, not upset, but saddened.

Baby Pillar

Baby Pillar

Then last night we walked out back and found that it had come back and there were all kinds of bugs crawling around. Including my beloved Monarch worms and a chrysalis! I was delighted like a kid at Christmas. So I broke out the camera and gave them a moment of fame. I also captured a praying mantis and a lady bug, watch A Blog in Pictures to see those shots!