Up to no Good
February 25, 2009, 3:12 pm
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A look at what I’ve been up to….



The background piece is a quilt in progress. All of it is being constructed from recycled materials. Mostly jeans.

The top two bags are brand new material I had laying around. Both are lined in a sunny yellow. Laying by my machine right now is a floral bag ready to be adorned with butterflies.

I said sometime back I would post pictures of some of the things I make. I finally made myself stop and take some shots before the pieces were gone. I rarely keep anything I make.  I also tend to make only things that can be used. I am not a big fan of fancy pillows. The bags I make are to replace plastic bags at the store with style. So many uses they have!

What’s been keeping you busy!?


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That looks lovely

We have an out of town guest for a week. He is good company but it is a lot of work to entertain and care for a guest. I haven’t done much else other than work.

Comment by urspo

I’ve always wanted to make a quilt! That is beautiful, and I love the two bags. So springy!

I’ve been busy in the baby nursery lately. Nesting, anyone?

~ Katie

Comment by coffeegopher

Where’s Heather??? Haloooooo?

Comment by DougT

I agree , where is the butterfly Girl?

Comment by Urspo

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