January 20, 2009, 12:11 pm
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I have made a career of hobbies in the most half assed ways one could do so. I dabble here and dabble there and in the end I hardly ever end up with a complete project. If it’s finished, I must have really liked it. If it’s not finished then I’m thinking real hard about it, good things take time.

I took up the art of crochet recently for about a day. I always scoffed at ladies who claimed to do it, “Oh that seems so boring, I don’t think I could handle it!” Well let me tell you, I don’t think I have ever truly had to eat my words worse than the day I realized with crushing clarity that I haven’t an f’n clue how to crochet. And I considered picking up knitting! I fell in love with a pattern for a dishtowel, it’s a square for the love of yarn how hard could it be?!  I conferred with mom and she taught me the language, yes there is a special code. And she showed me a stitch or two and then she left. She left me alone with my hook and yarn and I failed miserably. In the end I discovered through the the Information Superhighway that indeed she taught me how to DC in the 3rd CH all wrong.

I think I’ll stick to embroidery. Much more chance to liven things up with a little color than some boring old yarn. But I’ll hand it to you knitters out there, I’ll never be in your knitter circle I can promise you that!

~I am going to have a first ever give away soon! So sit up straight, all three of you! We’re about to have us some company!


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are you giving away the husband, the kids, or the crochet equipment?

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