A Little Jibber and a Lot of Jabber
January 16, 2009, 1:02 am
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I’m in a funk.

Can’t sleep.
Not hungry.
Short attention span.
No T.V. worth watching.
Can’t pay attention when I read. Not even a magazine.

I’m funky.

I keep wandering around in my head.
President Bush jinxed the whole freakin’ country tonight. You know those times when you no sooner open your mouth about something it completely flip flops on you? He said, “America has gone almost seven years without a terroristic attack.” He may as well said, ” Honey the house seems awful quiet, wanna shag?” Because it is just that moment it gets real noisy because the kids are home. Look out America.

Tonight as I stood in the check-out at the local Tarjay’ (that’s Target for the Wal-Mart readers) I kind of might have stared at this lady with one of those haircut’s where it’s real short most of the way around but around her face it was long. And she didn’t even bother to fancy it up a bit, it just hung there. And I wanted to get some scissors and walk over and ‘fix it’. I hate that hair cut. And then I made a mental note that I am at an age that I should probably where make-up at least while the sun is up. That natural beauty thing is wearing off a touch I do believe.

I’m trying to finish reading a book by Bill Bryson, Destination Nowhere or something like that but I can’t remember where I left it.  I only had a few pages and maybe a state to get through and I was done with it. It only made me want to get in my car, a car I have a van not very economical, and start driving. He drove all over the United States for something like a month went home to mama and then took off to finish the binge. How cool. Some of my favorite things are riding in foreign territory and eating at dives and diners. Drive and eat. I used to like hotels until I read about how unsanitary things are there and now it just creeps me out a little. So I guess I would get myself one of those old fashioned vans with the bed in the back and it has a sticker that says ‘If the vans rockin’, don’t come knockin’  and maybe flames down the sides for kicks.

One of our ferrets died two nights ago. It was awful. I took him to the vet, spent the day poking him with fluids and antibiotics and love and he died anyway. Everytime an animals kicks it around here I swear off another pet just like any other holic.  Oh yeah and my Betta fish was dead Monday morning. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Well folks, that’s about it for me. I have a long weekend full of freezing temps and hungry children to face. If you feel so inclined tell me what it is you are thinking about. I won’t tell a soul. I swear.


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somehow the freezing temps and the hungry children must come together for a remedy for both matters. Perhaps putting them out into the snow for freezing until spring may be the answer. The older ones you may want to keep frozen until they are 18yo or so.

Comment by urspo

were you ever in the military?

Comment by Gette

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