January 15, 2009, 2:17 am
Filed under: Blips, events, happiness, history, hope, life

I haven’t reflected on the Christmas season.

I had little spirit once it came down to the final days. I couldn’t wait to get it all over with. It was plain stressful. I was content with the end of my business adventure, we did well. We could have done better, we needed more help. We were swamped to the point that we couldn’t fulfill our plans to their fullest. There is always next year. We came out of it with plans to keep moving into the next season though, spring. As of today we were given an opportunity to make non-christmas related centerpieces for a local bar/restaurant. We are building and that is great. But I will admit I was sick to death of the freezing temp work environment in the end. The layers of clothes. The odd  and difficult hours.

On Christmas day I was presented with a gift, actually wrapped, from my husband. A fly rod just for me. Then my family endulged me in my love of dinner plates, dessert plates and cups and saucers in the exact color I had been wishing for. I was treated well.

The children were satisfied with Santa and they had no inkling how incredibly straining it was for him to follow through. I sat in the glow of the tree wrapping the last of the presents Christmas Eve absorbed with how truly blessed we all were.

It was a Christmas not to be forgotten in my mind. I can only hope they all will turn out so well. Hopefully better with each passing one.


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