Birdy Lovin’
January 12, 2009, 11:39 am
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Did I tell you that we had babies? Parakeets. If you recall two years ago, yes it has been that long, I got Tweety for Christmas and he was so bummed being alone I had to run out and get him a lady friend? Come on Spo, I know you remember! Doug? Yes? Well two years to the month Mrs. Blueberry laid four eggs and right around Christmas they hatched. We have three, the fourth was a blessed dud. Thank goodness, five parakeets is plenty! So far one is all green and yellow, number two is green, yellow and has a blue tail and the third is still getting his feathers but it looks like mostly yellow and green. I was really hoping for another blue or something really extravagant like purple but oh well you take what you get.

Did you know that parakeets are actually called budgies in their native habitat and that they are green? The colored ones are only because of some fancy breeding trick. They shoot the egg up with dye before it is developed.

Not really, I just said that because I have no idea how they do it.


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Your post led me to do a quick Google search on budgerigar genetics. Wow, it’s intensely complicated. That could almost get me interested. Nah- I have too many activities at the moment as it is.

Comment by DougT

what do you do with all those birdies?
it sounds a handful!

Comment by urspo

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