Spreading Happiness
January 1, 2009, 8:43 pm
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So there is this blogger named Merri and she was gracious enough to hand out an award to me! What a wonderful thing for her to do seeing as I am a very bad blogger of late. I up and switched shops, I rarely visit and now I post more sporadically than Mother Nature doles out visits from Aunt Flo. Life is crazy and you know that you have a true friend when they stick it out with you through times like this,

So I proudly present you with my BFF Card….


And I will hand one out to the three other wonderful bloggers who haven’t given up on me…

Adam (He’s even worse than me, but he does post occasionally and he never forgets me!)

Spo (As regular as a daily poop.)

Doug (Can’t say enough about bugs and cheese, I visit so I can be jealous!)


I also volunteered to do a MEME! I know right?

I am to take the letter B (she didn’t assign it to me but she assigned it to someone so I went ahead with that) and name 10 things I LOVE! LOVE people, this is a chore…..

THEN if you so choose to complete this complex puzzle I am to assign you a letter in the comments section and so on and on and on and on and on and on.
I now present you with my list of B’s…

  1. Burt’s Bees, anything containing beeswax I LOVE BEES. ( I had three hives once.)
  2. Blue Moon Beer, my New Years’ Eve pick.
  3. Butterfllies
  4. Babies (I want to hold every single one I see, even the ugly ones.)
  5. Books
  6. Bacon
  7. Bed
  8. Birthday Cake (Even better without the birthday!)
  9. Breathing (K, I’m drawing straws here…)
  10. Big Bottomless Bathtubs!

Man that was tough. Are you man enough?


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hohoho I am honored so.

This card is from Twinks Bank – I should tell you what a Twink is !

Comment by urspo

Hooray, you did it!!!
Good answers too!
I adore Burt’s Bee stuff.
Well, YOU should blog about being a bee keeper! I bet that was fascinating work..

Comment by Merri

Hey thanks for the Award. Just not too sure about the bank. Guess it’s ok as long as I don’t need to withdraw or deposit. Lot’s of Love an happiness in 2009

Comment by theroadnow

Wow, thanks. I’ve been out of touch- I didn’t know you were posting again. Great to see you back in action. Plus, I second Spo’s comment about the twinks (of which Spo secretly is one. Or maybe not.)

Comment by DougT

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