When is school back in?
December 30, 2008, 11:11 am
Filed under: parenting

Christmas has been left in the past but it’s wrath is still upon me. There are toys everywhere I look and dishes that magically appear on counter tops. Yesterday I thought I would damn near lose my mind.

The fighting is insane. They fight over who gets to stir the OJ and who breathed the wrong way. Hubby took a nice long nap yesterday afternoon and once he woke I high tailed it outta there. We needed mayo and ketchup in the most desperate way, not really, but that was my excuse. And I kid you not I drove the absolute minimum speed limit home. I wasn’t ready for all the commotion.

Inserted in between the fist fights and mouth battles I did however get to enjoy some quality time with the little monsters. So it isn’t all bad. We played with a train set, colored some pictures and made ice cream out of Play Doh. Pretend ice cream.

So today my wish for me is no more naps for the other parental unit in this abode and no more fighting. None. None at all.

How are the final days of the old year treating you?


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quieter than yours I think.

May I suggest some scotch?

Comment by urspo

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