When is school back in?
December 30, 2008, 11:11 am
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Christmas has been left in the past but it’s wrath is still upon me. There are toys everywhere I look and dishes that magically appear on counter tops. Yesterday I thought I would damn near lose my mind.

The fighting is insane. They fight over who gets to stir the OJ and who breathed the wrong way. Hubby took a nice long nap yesterday afternoon and once he woke I high tailed it outta there. We needed mayo and ketchup in the most desperate way, not really, but that was my excuse. And I kid you not I drove the absolute minimum speed limit home. I wasn’t ready for all the commotion.

Inserted in between the fist fights and mouth battles I did however get to enjoy some quality time with the little monsters. So it isn’t all bad. We played with a train set, colored some pictures and made ice cream out of Play Doh. Pretend ice cream.

So today my wish for me is no more naps for the other parental unit in this abode and no more fighting. None. None at all.

How are the final days of the old year treating you?


Didn’t Forget
December 25, 2008, 11:59 pm
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Hope it was a Merry one! I’m going to hibernate till the New Year now!

The Post That Didn’t Have a Title Till Now
December 18, 2008, 3:45 pm
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I know I did it again. I stepped out for a minute and come back and nothing is the same, yet it is. Didn’t ‘word’ just redo their formats and crap just last year? I was just getting to know you and now I don’t even know how to write a post.


My brain has been trained into some kind of short circuited loop. I start to write an email, a post, hell just three words in the search bar and I am redirected to the beckoning of a four year old. I get back on track , I’m almost there, and he is telling me he wants the latest thing on T.V., he needs a drink, he’s hungry, he wants to make cookies. And when he runs out of the regular things to say it turns into an endless bantering of “Watch me stand on my head for the one gazillionth time this week!” Or, “Do you remember that time we ate in that place where that guy had that thing?” He makes my head hurt sometimes. I’m going to miss him so much next year but I sure do pity his teacher.

Do you ever have more to do than you have time to do it? And it’s all very important but you know that unless you stay up all night long for the next week and chug gallons of hi test coffee there just won’t be enough time to get it done? How you look at the clock and think first that you have all afternoon and then second that it’s just not enough? It makes me want to sit down and read a book. Kind of a “If I can’t get it done then why do it at all’ attitude.

Add the two together and it takes an eternity to do anything. I started the dishes around noon and I just finished the last pan. It wasn’t anything too incredibly huge, just your average dirty mess from breakfast and endless snacks and a couple pans from the night before. This is where the ADD kicks in. One minute I’m shoveling toys off the floor and dragging mountains of laundry to the basement and then suddenly I straighten my back and stretch out my neck and realize I was supposed to be doing the dishes. So I stroll to the kitchen and dive back in only to realize that the water no longer has bubble and it’s cool enough to drink. So I had to draw more water and before I know it I’m upstairs for the fourth time helping Mr. Spill Something on my Pants Again find a clean pair. And that leads to sitting here rattling on letting you know that I am alive in a very round about way.

I have to go to the store now.

Touching Base
December 2, 2008, 11:35 pm
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I’ve been a very busy girl.

I think I mentioned that before.

I lost like five pounds too. Love that! I don’t keep real track of my weight but I have been around the same poundage since the littlest fell out so anything under that large number is an improvement.

Today we were making wreaths with the most beautiful holly mixed in, I keep forgetting to grab my camera, but I will post some shots real soon. The candy cane wreaths are a hit and also a special yellow holly we were able to acquire. Much fun!