It’s a Big World
November 14, 2008, 11:31 am
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I suppose there may be more to this universe thing.

I wish I would have been a scientist.

Astronaut Barbie was one of my favorites till the Challenger blew up. Then, not so much.


Hello, Remember me?
November 12, 2008, 3:43 pm
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Sometimes life goes so fast it’s a blur. That’s life since school started. So much has happened to me and it’s all little stuff, well and some big that I don’t know what to tell you about first. Then it kind of gets left behind because the newest thing happens and the old thing gets dusty and the next thing you know it’s been a month.

I didn’t miss blogging to awful much while I was away, I didn’t really have time to. But I made a commitment to my dearest friends that I wouldn’t quit. I just wouldn’t. So even though posts may be sparse they will come by the trickle at times and others by boatloads.

Right now in life I am keeping up with my cleaning job. Every Thursday I spend four hours making someone else’s life sparkle. I enjoy the ladies I clean for very much. One has helped me out in my newest business and the other has provided me with even more oppurtunities. Oh and two more ferrets. I am such a sucker.

Let me veer off hear and explain to you how big my heart is. If you brought me a horse today and asked if I could give it a home I would tie it to the kitchen table and care for it till I could find it greener pastures. I give, give, give, give and I have become a givaholic. I’ve always been a softy, I am always thinking about the other guy. The other day I was passing one of the ‘bellringers’ outside the craft store and I dug deep in my pocket and I could feel quarters in there. Deep down I was thinking to myself that I really need those quarters for the kid’s lunch, that I don’t have much right now and times have been tight for some time and yet I still handed .27 cents to my son for the bucket. Every bit counts and who knows, some day they may be begging for money to help me out. So I went to the car knowing that I was a quarter less but that I had done what I felt I could and that feels good. Last year I had only pennies in my pocket one time and I handed it over. I draw the line though at the man I saw last week by the highway with all his baggage and his long straggly hair. I looked at him and smiled but there is no way that I am going to give anyone a lift. I’ve given a couple bucks before but I will never, as long as I am a mother to five children and a provider for my elderly mother, pick a stranger up an give them a lift. So I’m kind and smart too.


I have some friends that raise chickens and cows and trees. They asked me about a month or so ago if I would like to go into the Holiday business with them and we have been full steam ahead since. What I didn’t realize until recently is that they didn’t just want my knowledge on making wreaths and arrangements they wanted me to handle the book keeping. That is big stuff to me. To me this is a huge venture. I’m excited to the point that I go to bed crunching numbers and wake up thinking about where we will push our product. I’ve been waiting since I was a teen for a chance like this. I love making wreaths and bows. I love the colors of Christmas, but now I am going to actually make something doing it. I once worked 37 and 1/2 hours a week for a large company doing just that and I made about $150 bucks a week (after taxes and insurance) that trickles in at around four bucks an hour in the end. Unless your the boss you don’t get a whole lot out of it. And all I really want is to give the children a decent Christmas and whatever is left will either go in the bank or I will pay some things ahead. That is my dream, to have the rent and car payment paid ahead.

Which brings me to hubby. Last month I had to take him to the emergency room with his stomach. It’s turns out to be just be inflammation but he was in some severe pain and it was scary. His back still hurts, they don’t know what is wrong. He wears a Tenns unit, it’s a shocking device you attach by electrode. The description is that it makes the brain bypass a false signal that there is pain. After a while the brain forgets there was pain there and you are magically cured. To me, it might as well have dust from a unicorn’s horn in it because he still has the pain when the contraption is not hooked up. All of this has made living tough. And with that follows depression. I was really down in the midst of all the tests and running and trying to stay alive. This wreath business has been a positive thing, it could help bring us out of the fog. Hubby is at least working, although there for a couple of weeks he was on a strict liquid diet. We are doing the best we can and that is all there is to it.

Last weekend my oldest son turned a whopping 14. I don’t feel like I am old enough to have a son that old. He’s changing so much. His aunt added him and his brother to her cell phone plan and now he lays around texting and chatting with his girlfriend, that’s just a friend. I’ve had to discuss proper birth control with him and his brother and educate him on how very important it is for him to focus on his school work. They are so smart, they get A’s with ease. I didn’t. School was tough for me, so I am very proud to hear them say how well they are doing. Their father, my X, just went through a major operation on his back and he was holed up in the hospital for nearly a week. It was hard on them, they were fearing the worst and since he had no disability insurance life is going to be tough for them till he gets better. So I had to bring them around to focus on the important things and to show them that in the last few years we have always managed, so they will be fine. They have such a huge support system, no one is going to sit around and watch them go hungry! I think they were in a kind of shock and I understand that all to well.

So that is some of what has tied me up lately, I haven’t had too many days to myself in a few weeks. I’m always preparing and catching up on something and I would much rather it be that way then to sit around bored.

Till next time…. keep looking up.