November 20, 2008, 10:35 am
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I’m so tired today.

I’m sitting here killing time instead of showering and getting my son to his Pap for the day and going to make a little extra cash-ola.  It has been a rough few weeks, but I think I already mentioned that. We ordered a large amount of material from a place in North Carolina weeks ago and the stuff got here Tuesday. That’s like, three days too late. We spent yesterday setting up and getting educated on things and trying to work out an efficient system. We need to be in full swing right now and it’s hard to do when your just starting! So we are pulling very long hours and trying to do it while running a household and keeping up with our regular lives. I keep my eye on the prize, that is sufficient motive for me.

On top of it all my brother had me check into cremation for his best friend. That would be his canine best friend. I learned more than I care to know about their services and I broke down in tears over it all. The whole family dreads the day that the dog has to, um, you know, be ‘put down’. My brother plans to have a traveling vet come and do it at home and then he plans to have the cremation people come pick him up and do their thing and return him in a nice little tidy box. I’m not a dog person and I would just take it out in the backyard and bury it, so that to me proves just how very much this dog is loved. I have also learned that not only am I bad with people funerals I’m bad with death all around. I think I would sob uncontrollably at a strangers funeral.

On a lighter note I learned today that the trash men still nose through our trash and they apparently found some interesting pictures this morning they passed around before chucking into the gaping mouth of the truck. Mental note; be careful what you toss out and bury it deep.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, I’m going to be a very busy girl!


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Stay Focused and Try Not to Think About how Much Work You have to Do..Just keep Plugging away. I will take two when they are ready.


Comment by theroadnow

nosy trashmen have too much time on their hands.
May I suggest you put some items in your rubbish with the intention to shock? Jolly good fun.

Comment by urspo

Ah but how fun that sounds….only I shall add it to my NEIGHBORS trash!

Comment by Sticky

Adam you are such a sweetie!

Comment by Sticky

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