Sensory Overload
November 18, 2008, 10:44 am
Filed under: Blips, hope, life, me

Grocery shopping last night I needed laundry detergent. As I passed the fabric softner’s I noticed the blue bottle of Final Touch on the shelf. I picked it up and smelled it. It smelled just like she did, Grandma only used Final Touch.

I bought it.


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Smell is such a primal sense. It can transport you right back to a place or a time or a person. The scent that always brings back memories of my grandmother is Germain Monteil hand cream.

Comment by DougT

You know there are times we happen to be
sitting there quietly watching TV
When the programme we’re watching will stop for a while
and suddenly there will appear with a smile
a woman who tells us how terribly urgent
it is to be some brand of detergent
or soap
or cleanser
or cleaner
or powder
or paste
or wax
or bleach
to help with the housework
and she is earning money
for learning these speeches
that mention those wonderful soaps
and detergents
and cleansers
and powders
and pastes
and waxes
and bleaches.

Comment by urspo

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