November 28, 2008, 10:40 am
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My littlest says today out of the blue….

“The sounds in my head stop when I sleep.”

He’s also the one that tells me about ‘when he was big’.

I think I know who he takes after….


November 25, 2008, 10:40 am
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Natalie Dee

Son’s favorite joke…..

Two peanuts were walking down the road and one got assaulted.

*Email me if ya don’t get it, I won’t tell anyone.

Work in Progress
November 24, 2008, 12:13 am
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So far so good.

This has been such fun. A couple highlights shall we?

The very first day of work was to paint up a handful of signs. I love to paint, I love the way it fits in my hand. Big or little I feel such power in a paintbrush.  Like how it would feel to paint the colors of the flowers and the sky. It could be anything. But I was stuck with red, green and black. I never did get back to paint the wreaths on them. You see my business partner was feeling ill that day. She ended up depositing her lunch in the flower bed and going inside to fall asleep in her coat and boots. It’s already funny.

So I finished the signs myself and rushed home to deal with my other life, I got one side painted and they are great! Then the next day I sat. I waited and waited for that Fed Ex guy. He came at eight thirty at night. We were just so bummed, an entire day shot to hell. Then the big day, we set up our table turned on our lights and proceeded to whip out a total of 7 wreaths in four hours. I stood at the door and scratched my head, surely I’m going to have to pick up the pace a bit here. That’s like, well that’s just nuts. So I went home fed the troops, did the dishes, threw in some laundry and got everyone bathed. But I couldn’t stop thinking about that tiny pile of wreaths in that cold dark barn. I had to go make more. So I piled on layer after layer and off I went, I think I got seven more done. It was crushing to think we had two days to do 150 rings, there was just no way with one machine. So Friday we set to work and finally I had gotten faster, she had mapped out what was needed to be cut and we formed the best wreath making team in the world. Really we did. But it still wasn’t fast enough. I again went home, fed the troops, and right back out the door. This time with TWO extra pairs of hands. Now we had someone to cut trees, feed kids, strip trees and bring us beer. At the end of the night I picked up my can and I got a mouth full of slushy beer. Just the way I like it but it meant I was withstanding the 24 degree cold too. (I shivered just thinking about it.) Then back home, after a  careful drive in slick icy conditions, in bed by midnight only to rise at seven and get back on the road. But this time we had THREE extra pairs of hands. It was such a relief.  My oldest found us a radio and cranked up a station of just Christmas tunes. We laughed. We worked. We bitched about our feet aching. Our tree cutter left for a little while to help fix someones leak and while he was gone we ran out of trees. Oh the horror! My oldest grabbed the funny looking saw, I forget what you call that thing, and went to the center of the patch for the biggest one he could find. He drug that puppy up to the barn and we were back in business. But while we waited for that to be trimmed he walked up to the house and brought me a hot dog, I had requested ketchup but he had forgot it. I said, “You’re never gonna believe this,” and I whipped out a packet of ketchup that was stashed in my coat. We roared over that one. We told other jokes and we planned out intricate practical jokes. I danced on purpose and I danced just trying to get to an itch, and everyone laughed both times. The very last wreath we made was a 36 inch frame and it took an entire tree! Amazing.

This is life. This is what I needed. I’m liking it.

November 20, 2008, 10:35 am
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I’m so tired today.

I’m sitting here killing time instead of showering and getting my son to his Pap for the day and going to make a little extra cash-ola.  It has been a rough few weeks, but I think I already mentioned that. We ordered a large amount of material from a place in North Carolina weeks ago and the stuff got here Tuesday. That’s like, three days too late. We spent yesterday setting up and getting educated on things and trying to work out an efficient system. We need to be in full swing right now and it’s hard to do when your just starting! So we are pulling very long hours and trying to do it while running a household and keeping up with our regular lives. I keep my eye on the prize, that is sufficient motive for me.

On top of it all my brother had me check into cremation for his best friend. That would be his canine best friend. I learned more than I care to know about their services and I broke down in tears over it all. The whole family dreads the day that the dog has to, um, you know, be ‘put down’. My brother plans to have a traveling vet come and do it at home and then he plans to have the cremation people come pick him up and do their thing and return him in a nice little tidy box. I’m not a dog person and I would just take it out in the backyard and bury it, so that to me proves just how very much this dog is loved. I have also learned that not only am I bad with people funerals I’m bad with death all around. I think I would sob uncontrollably at a strangers funeral.

On a lighter note I learned today that the trash men still nose through our trash and they apparently found some interesting pictures this morning they passed around before chucking into the gaping mouth of the truck. Mental note; be careful what you toss out and bury it deep.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, I’m going to be a very busy girl!

Sensory Overload
November 18, 2008, 10:44 am
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Grocery shopping last night I needed laundry detergent. As I passed the fabric softner’s I noticed the blue bottle of Final Touch on the shelf. I picked it up and smelled it. It smelled just like she did, Grandma only used Final Touch.

I bought it.

Have You Seen October? I Seem to Have Misplaced it!
November 17, 2008, 12:46 am
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I have proof of just how out of the loop I’ve been. I just realized with a live *gasp* that I haven’t looked at, thought of or missed Natalie Dee comics since mid September. For a very long time I would peek at her site after I checked my mail every single day. But I haven’t looked in on her since September?


Since Friday I have sewn four little red boots/ice skates, finished a baby project and constructed an apron for Christmas. All that and taught daughter to do embroidery. She finished her very first project in just three days. It was small and I am proud of her, that she finished it is amazing in itself! I put it in a hold over frame for now but I plan to have it framed up a little nicer so she can keep it forever.

Tomorrow we start some grunge work for the wreath bizness. The main loot will be here Tuesday, I’m nervous. I have taken on alot and am afraid I won’t have the energy to keep up with everything. Well, I can keep up I just fear exhaustion! Just when I start to get comfy and optimistic hubby starts with the negative ‘if I still have a job by then’ kind of comments. I’m so sick of worrying about crap like that. I learned somewhere recently that worrying is actually a sin. Yee-Haw!! That is good to hear. Permission to just not give a shit anymore.

That’s all for now, I will be trying to post some pics of the stuff I made. Just to show it off and all. I hope to sell it along side the greens. Now go to Post Secret for today, there are always some good ones. In fact I am going to add that to my to do list, I thought of a secret that’s just perfect. I’ll have to get that in the mail……

Excuse Me Ma’am, Could I Bop You on the Head Please?
November 15, 2008, 4:57 pm
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I was in the store today with three of the smallest children and they were bouncing around like loose ping pong balls and a elderly lady looked at me and said, “Are you busy?”

I thought she was being funny and I said, “I never shop with children on Saturday, what was I thinking?”

Later as I was cooking some trout hubby brought home for lunch it dawned on me she may have needed some help! I felt so bad, maybe she meant was I too busy to throw a forty pound bag of chow in for the pup.

I’m such a flake sometimes.