I’m a Dreamer
October 1, 2008, 6:13 pm
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I have been dreaming crazy stuff lately. Like last night I had a dream that my mother was to bring home my kids and only brought the youngest half. I was really upset like they were gone forever but she claimed that they were at the hospital and I freaked out before she could finish. Come to find out that they were waiting for their half-brother/sister to be born. Let me interject here and tell you that both my X and his wife are fixed, you know so they can’t spread anymore of their devil spawn. Thank goodness my half of his kids were mixed with my angelic eggs. *L* It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t go there.

Anyway. But a couple of nights ago I was dreaming about this cabin like place and I had a baby instead of my usual tribe and there were candles lit everywhere. Little votive ones. I walked out into a kind of hallway and there was a door to a porch or something and when I got out there I was suddenly on the other side of the door. Don’t you just love how you can teleport in dreams? I looked at the door and there was a wreath on it, down low under the window and guess what was nestled in opening of it. A votive. That is the dumbest place ever to put fire. And over top of a box of tissues to boot, that had caught fire from the melting wax dripping over the edge of the wreath. So I stamped it out gently with my shoe and stood there staring at it in disbelief until I was off to my next fantasy about who knows what.

I was so intrigued by this dream that I looked a few things up on the web and while I can’t remember what else went on in my wonderland as of now the putting out of the fire part is what keeps poking into my daily thoughts. Putting out a fire signifies that you will overcome life’s obstacles through much work and effort. It’s almost like a prediction. It gave me the hope I didn’t know I needed to keep going. Life has been rough the last couple of years. It has been turned upside down and my future has danced on the edge of a tall cliff for too long. Can a dream really tell me that just maybe this obstacle will be overcome soon? Maybe I will get my safety net back so I can recover from it all? I can only hope and keep going.

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