Birth of Mother Nature
September 24, 2008, 8:15 pm
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Remember when I posted about my upset over the Milkweed plants and how I was so excited to photograph the bugs that survived the slaughter?

Well here is a before of one of the two caterpillars that I let the kids take inside to observe.

The second one was prematurely released due to a misunderstanding here in the household. It seems a certain someone released it so that it could ‘do it’s thing’ or whatever. But lucky for us this little guy was so tiny that he wasn’t seen and he was allowed to finish out his mutation inside our little replica butterfly world. We made sure it had fresh leaves and removed all the old ones daily. We even dumped his excess waste (Have you ever seen the size of a caterpillar turd? Yikes! They are worse than mice!) every couple days. And then one evening we noticed he had climbed up to the top and kind of hung himself in a J shape. And he stayed that way till morning. The kid’s were getting kind of worried about him and I promised I would keep an eye on him till they returned and about two hours after they left I did just that and found that he had turned into his beautiful little chrysalis. And I missed it.

Then we waited. Ten days to be exact. It was like when your due to have a baby and he goes past his expected birth date and you become obsessed that something is terribly wrong and then Walla! he hatches. Or is born, same thing.

And it was beautiful. The kids were home to see it dry it’s wings. And as I was setting it free from it’s impostor world it caught on my finger tip and wouldn’t let go. Normally I wouldn’t touch a butterfly for any reason because I have a fear that I could touch an elephant and break it. But this was an exception, it picked me, it hung to me and showed me his colors. I was most definitely impressed.

Feel free to click the images, they should get bigger!

*I may also add that this one in particular was actually a she, maybe Doug will came along and confirm that.


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butterflies are lovely that way – starting out as nasty little catepillars but becoming splendid creatures.

Comment by urspo

Great photos. I love what you have donw with the B&W and color.

>Have you ever seen the size of a caterpillar turd? Yikes!

Yeah, once or twice đŸ˜‰

The butterfly in question may well be a female, however the mark that distinguishes the sexes is not visible in the photo. Cool post- glad you guys had fun with this.

Comment by DougT

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