Pass the Nitrates Please
September 18, 2008, 10:30 pm
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natalie dee

I just opened an email from my mother, read it and moved on. But it was still tumbling around inside my fat head when I got to Natalie Dee’s site to catch up on the last couple days comics and low and behold there it was…a hot dog one.

Natalie has been reading my mothers email. I’m sure of it.

Mother’s email was a forward from one of her health nut cult members and in these exact words she claimed, “If you eat hot dogs your children and their children may get cancer.”

So this was still at trial in my brain as I moved on and then the comic sparked me to voice my opinion on the subject before the jury went to lunch. Doesn’t everything cause cancer these days? Cell phones, the air, red meat, aspertame, sugar itself, bathroom cleaner, fabric softener and on and on and on. I’m not defending hot dogs anymore than I would defend cigarettes and alcohol, I know they are all bad for you but holy hell people I do want to die in this century and now I have this hot dog thing hanging over my head. I can’t eat a hot dog for the sake of my kids? Well what the hell were the horsepill vitamins for nine months supposed to do?


My son cracked his molar today eating an almond. I’m just really pissed and the whole hot dog thing must have been the icing on the cake. I am already overwhelmed, I don’t need to stress if I should feed the kids cereal tomorrow, you know, in case it kills them.


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You trip me out.


Comment by theroadnow

nitrates’ nasty effects can be blocked by simultaneously consuming a high dose of vitamin C, such as in a vitamin or a drink

BTW – in my community ‘pass the nitrates’ means something quite different.

Comment by urspo

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