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September 4, 2008, 11:19 pm
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My neighbor moved away last spring and a new one moved in. About May the milkweed started to come up on the side of his deck and even through the slates. I was so excited to see it come back this year, it had doubled at the very least! Then one day I walked out back and it was all ripped down and laying on the ground. I honestly could have cried. What about my butterflies?

I ran into my neighbor about a month later and I said, “Hey, what happened to the milkweed?” And he said it was ugly and was in awe because had come through cracks as well. “It was so ugly!” Then as an afterthought he asked me why I was asking him. It is his deck and grass after all. Well I explained, the lady that lived there before purposely planted it so that she could get specimens to take into her kindergarten class. It never came up so plentiful before this year and, uh, well, you ripped it down.  And I tried to laugh it off and say that there would be plenty of other places to look for the fat worms and I brushed it off.

But I was truly, not upset, but saddened.

Baby Pillar

Baby Pillar

Then last night we walked out back and found that it had come back and there were all kinds of bugs crawling around. Including my beloved Monarch worms and a chrysalis! I was delighted like a kid at Christmas. So I broke out the camera and gave them a moment of fame. I also captured a praying mantis and a lady bug, watch A Blog in Pictures to see those shots!


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they are the only catepillars i can identify.

Comment by urspo

Great caterpillar photos. The monarch migration is either small or delayed this year. It should be in full swing right now and I’m not seeing much.

Comment by DougT

[…] happiness, life, me, nature, outdoors, photography Remember when I posted about my upset over the Milkweed plants and how I was so excited to photograph the bugs that survived the […]

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