Living in the Dark
August 29, 2008, 1:10 pm
Filed under: life, marriage

When it rains I feel creative. It is currently rainy and wonderful here and I am itching to get cracking on a project. I love the rain, I love to sleep when it’s rainy, I love to relax in front of the tube, curl up on the couch with a book. The rain is a compliment to my favorite things. In fact, I kind of don’t like the sun all that much. I could never figure out why I am the way I am. I prefer to roam at night, like a vampire on the prowl. I would rather shop in the early hours before dawn and troll the quiet streets. It so much more peaceful then, there is nothing that can compare to a warm summer evening with the windows down cruising through the town that had been bustling just hours before.

At home I keep the curtains drawn like an old woman. At night I do dishes with just the simple light above the sink to illuminate my task. I hate bright lights. When I first moved in here with my husband we would have family over and, mainly my mother, they would always comment on how dark the living room was. I would laugh because I hadn’t noticed. That is how I am comfortable! So I would yank open a blind or maybe just the curtain and let in the sunlight for the benefit of my guest. But the dirty secret is that if I were to live completely and utterly alone I wouldn’t open nary a blind. Don’t get me wrong though, windows are not the same issue. I love to lie in bed at night and listen to the endless traffic on the nearby highway. It reminds me of my youth when I would lie in a bed  12 miles from here and listen to the same lullaby. And the crickets would try to drown it out with endless tune. Along with that was the breeze that filtered through the screen and gave a moment of relief from the summer heat.

At night the stresses of the world sleep. It is a time to feel at ease and safe from others. While it isn’t completely so it feels less threatening. More manageable that way.


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