Ice Cream for Everyone!
August 3, 2008, 6:55 pm
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natalie dee

So the ice cream man came early yesterday. And we missed him. Bastard. I’ve had about enough of his shit.

When I saw the look on my daughter’s face after we found out the neighbor had seen him earlier I knew what I had to do. I had to go get the girl some ice cream. We went to this store that is only around here, it isn’t a chain and oh my heavens I have found my new secret lover. Almond Joy ice cream. It had slivers of almonds and coconut inside of creamy homemade coconut ice cream. I could hear my pants stretch each time I licked. I’m not a big ice cream person really but this was divine. Two of the little ones got pumpkin and the odd ball kid got chocolate chip mint.

It was all very good.

I’m in a better funk today. It’s almost three and I can’t say that I have accomplished anything real exciting. But I did wake to find that I had discovered a solution to a financial matter I have been trying to tackle and that right there was enough to brighten my mood. I hate the way my brain functions, I have to think real hard and analyze stuff before coming to a definite decision. Sometimes it takes a day or two and sometimes it takes months. I’m not happy till I have it just right, till I get that settling feeling right in the core of my body that says ‘yes that is it.’ So it happened today right out of the blue, I can move on.

The husband goes back to work tomorrow. I’m not dancing yet, I will wait to see how three months had helped his back. I would be really happy if he were to work his normal old shifts and not have any issues for a while. In two years he has had eleven months of it off, at home. It’s tough and I’m tired of it. So…cross your fingers, say a prayer and thanks in advance!


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fingers and arms are crossed!

Comment by urspo

Thinking positive thoughts here. But…coconut ice cream? Blech! Put me with the oddball kid. Mint chip for me.

Comment by DougT

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