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July 31, 2008, 7:49 am
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What a day.

I did a complete overhaul of the living room. I’ve been eyeing up the outdated, rather large entertainment center for months and last week I called the trash men and said, “It will be on the curb next week, take or pay boys.” And so there it is, waiting. I’m so happy. Then I had to clean up the ferret’s mess she left in my bedroom. Month’s ago I decided the only safe place in this house to put a few plants would be atop my dresser and some how she found them AND reached them AND dug them up all over the place. I was so upset I couldn’t even be angry. It took an hour to clean it up and sweep. Meanwhile all day there were six little people running about having a blast being that my attention was diverted and all. At eight o’clock I attempted to traverse across a certain bedroom only to find that I would need a jet pack to get to the dresser. Oh my, another room that needed “straightened”. At midnight I was eating eggs, bacon and toast. The only legit meal I had all day. Do you hear that? I think it’s violins.

So after the eggs settled and the violins played I hopped on the super highway of information and three hours later had discovered that my Great-Grandmother died at twenty eight (this I knew) of Typhoid Fever. (didn’t know that part) She suffered from July 5th to August 9th. That’s interesting huh? I’ve dabbled in that family line before, I always get stuck at the same spot but I often times learn something new. However, it seems that my Grandfather’s line came up tonight with out holding back. I never could get anywhere with him, it’s like that name has been purposely left off of every record every transcribed. But not tonight.  Come to find out that my Great-Grandfather brought his roots here in 1873. He was a little late to the party really. But his whole line of peep’s can be traced back in Scotland to 1752. Awesome, I’m a little Scotty.

Another interesting little tid bit is that one of my relatives in the tree had a name of Jno. How do you even say that? Where does a name like that come from? It doesn’t seem to be a mistake either. Odd.

I must get to bed now, I just wanted to tell someone I’m most certainly from the Scots. Nite!


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Bacon is one of the best comfort foods there is

It is thrilling to know one’s roots, especially ancient ones. Names go in/out of style and it is quaint to hear some of the early popular ones.
Try to find out as much as you can about your ancestors.

Comment by urspo

Is that you Heather?
I wondered where you had disappeared to , when your blog became password protected..
Welomc back!
Oh so you are a wee Scots woomen, air ye?
I am too,
My Grandpa came to Canada in 1920.
What area were your ancestors from?
Ours called Edinburgh and Glasgow home.
Oh Jno. is the Victorian way of writing Jonah
Or Joseph I THINK?

Comment by merri

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