Sore Eyes
July 27, 2008, 12:01 pm
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Last Monday I was given a free ticket to the showdown of this fire and it’s trailer sidekick. The story behind this firetrap is that the previous residents didn’t pay their rent and were forced to abandon ship. Once it was empty it was hauled out of it’s “spot” and deposited here. At the end of my road. I was less than pleased that anyone coming to visit me would see this heap of metal plopped carelessly in the grass. It was just wrong. So I left it go for almost a year till I finally asked a few questions. It seems that the owner was going to fix it up and sell it but meanwhile was renting the previous spot to another lucky inhabitant. That’s about when I started praying for lightening to strike. Now almost two years later some kids somehow managed to lite it up and my prayers were answered. I had front row seats. Bye bye hunk o’ junk!

I’m not ashamed to admit that when the horn sounded signaling that the giant bucket of water was about to dump I ran for a great spot. I still haven’t quite figured out what is so great about having a HUGE bucket of cold water dumped upon yourself but I must have done it at least half a dozen times. For the kid’s sake, you know? As I stood in line a few times to ride this or that I tried to figure out many things. First I wanted to know what is so exciting about standing in line for twenty minutes or more to do something that rarely lasted longer than five minutes. What is it about humans that we like to be shaken, spun and scared? Who in the world ever thought that you could make mountains of money this way? Why am I here? The next day my feet hurt, my shins hurt and I am still tired. Yet the kid’s keep asking when we will go back. Not to mention my pocket is way lighter. Let me tell you about our first meal there. It consisted of

  • two orders of chicken strips
  • one bacon cheeseburger with fries and a medium soda
  • one $7.00 refillable for .99 soda

all for the bargin of $33.00.

The older two got

  • two bottles of water
  • two personal pan pizzas

for $18.00.

It ain’t cheap but it was worth it this one time.

And there you have it folks. The End


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fires are intriguing aren’t they? It goes back to caveperson days; what a fascinating thing it is to see things burn.

Comment by urspo

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