New Beginnings
July 25, 2008, 11:09 pm
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Starting over will always kind of suck you know. When I was….twenty something, I honestly forget and I’m too lazy to do the math, I had to start over. With two kids at that. I had nothing but the odd crap I could collect the day I moved my things. It took two loads in a little S-10 with a trailer hitched to it. You can’t move much with that kind of space but that was all I had. I had no where to go but “home”, my car was falling apart and uninsured and I was in the process of losing my job. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life to start over again, but it sure did suck.

So the decision to start anew with a blog should be cake, but it really isn’t. You kind of  get to like the creative name you pick and having what feels like equity in it. Three hundred some odd posts, a thousand or so comments, a handful of the “usual” readers, it feels homey. It’s all yours, you are settled in, and then one day it must die and you must start all over. It sucks.

I thought really hard about what I wanted to do. Should I let nature take it’s course, keep the blog and rock on shamelessly? Should I just give up? I considered it has been literally impossible to write posts since school let out, but that won’t last forever. I kind of liked the break but I missed it all the same. I considered creating a new blog that was family friendly, where I could be all out there in my own gaurded way but I knew that wasn’t me. I’ll be the first to admit I hate putting it all out there to the fam. I like being a little secretive sometimes. So here it is, the rough copy of Sticky Door Knobs. My life is full of them. I’ve decided to keep it free of human pictures but I will throw a few odds and ends in here and there. I may introduce a strictly picture blog on the side later on, you know, when school is in session again. 😉 I’m gonna keep it real, but private if that is at all possible. So starting over is tough to do sometimes, but in the end if you keep a positive outlook, it can be a good thing. An improvement even. I can use all the improvement out there!


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you are not starting over – you are recreating yourself! when we get tired of who we are we redecorate the house or change our hair but now we can do a new blog with new aspects. cool cool cool

I am glad I got through by the way. WordPress wouldn’t let me in for a very long while. skunks

Comment by urspo

I’m glad you’re back.


Comment by theroadnow

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